Safety Glass

Does Jim’s Work on New Homes?

Of Course We Work On New Homes!

Here at Jim’s Glass, we’ve worked hard making a name for ourselves serving the homes of thousands of Australians over the years. We’ve successfully undertaken just about every type of glazing under the sun. When it comes to new homes, we offer several services that add attractive glass elements to your new home.

Glass windows and doors are one of the most visually appealing aspects of a new house, but they can also affect energy ratings and sound penetration. However, quality glazing isn’t just reserved for the exterior of the house; we also fit out bathrooms and kitchens with eye-catching glass accents. The investment involved in purchasing a new home justifies hiring only the best professional glaziers in the business.


Why not add a dash of class to your bathroom with an elegantly-crafted glass shower screen? We have extensive experience installing beautiful framed and frameless shower screens that make a sophisticated statement in your new bathroom. Frameless shower screens give the impression of a roomier, more upscale bathroom and work very well when complemented with an alluring custom-made mirror and glass shelving.

Energy-Efficient Glass

The last thing you’d want when buying a new home is to have to foot an expensive energy bill on top of your mortgage repayments each month. By installing energy efficient glass, you’ll benefit from more efficient temperature control, which is not only more pleasant to love it but you won’t get a fright when you open the invoice from your energy company.

Safety Glass

If you’re purchasing your home for your young family, then it may be well worth investing in safety glass. Unlike traditional glass that shatters when it breaks, safety glass crumbles into thick blunt pieces. If an accident happens, safety glass makes serious injury far less likely. Additionally, safety glass acts as both a physical and psychological deterrent to thieves, thwarting any attempts to break in.

Sound- Reducing glass

Many new homes built in urban areas can be affected by sound pollution from nearby traffic and other forms of transport. We install decibel-controlling glass on new homes so that you can get a much-needed respite from the hectic and noisy world outside. You’ll sleep better and experience less stress and more peace – just the ticket when you’re a new homeowner.

Glass Splashbacks

Whether you’re looking to add a glass splashback to your shower or the cooking area of your new home, then we have the professional glazier know-how to create a sleek and modern look that will compliment your room rather than detract from it.

Full Windows & Doors Fit-Outs

If you’ve just bought a new home and are looking to have full windows and doors fit-out, then look no further than Jim’s glass. We handle all types of fit-outs and always strive to go the extra mile and surpass your needs for the project. From conservatories to interior glass doors and everything in between, there is no professional glazing project that we can’t handle. Whatever your glazing needs, why not give us a call to today for a free estimate on how we can perfect the glass on your new home.