Different types of Glass

There are many different types of glass that are made for many different uses. The following are a few different types of glass.

Soda Glass

This is the most popular glass used in the world today. The glass is made by heating silica and sodium carbonate. This glass is used for many different things such as windows and bulbs.

Coloured Glass

This glass is made by combining metallic oxides with sand and limestone. Different colors are achieved by adding different metallic oxides because each oxide is unique in the color it produces. This glass is used for everything from making sunglasses to producing signals for cars and planes.

Plate Glass (Float Glass)

Plate glass is much thicker that any ordinary glass. This glass has a very smooth service and is very durable. It is made by floating hot glass material over hot tin. This glass is typically used in shops for windows or skylights.

Laminated Glass

This glass is also referred to as bulletproof glass and is virtually indestructible. This glass is made by combining layers of glass with a transparent adhesive. The more layers that are used the more durable the glass becomes. This glass is typically used for car windshields and planes.

Toughened Glass

This glass is float glass that is cut to size and then rapidly heated then cooled. This process makes this glass exceptionally strong and safe when it breaks. Toughened glass is commonly used in shop fronts, shower screens and splash backs.