Custom Table Tops

Create The Perfect Custom Table Top!

Enhance & Protect Your Table Top

Glass table tops are great add-ons for any piece of furniture. They provide elegance and protection, allowing you to get more use out of any table for years to come. A glass table top is durable, easy to clean and to maintain. Finding a table top that perfectly fits your table size, shape and style is hard work. Save yourself the disappointment: Jim’s glass can create the perfect custom table top for your home or office!

Jim’s glaziers have the best skill set and craft to create the perfect glass piece for your table. Our glaziers custom cut A-grade quality glass to fit your furniture exactly. We can deliver precise table tops, no matter the shape and size you need. If you have a peculiarly-shaped table, rest assured that Jim’s glaziers can quickly tackle the challenge.

There’s no better way to boost your home or office furniture’s value and uniqueness than with a glass table top that is entirely custom made. By allowing you to personalise the glass’s colour and edge finishes, you can design a one of a kind tabletop that will be an example of unique beauty. From dining tables to coffee tables, our glaziers will work with you on a one-on-one basis to guarantee that you receive a product moulded precisely to your needs and expectations.

You can rest assured that Jim’s glass has your safety and best interest at heart. Our glaziers work exclusively with tough premium glass and scratch resistance, in addition to complying with Australia’s glass standards. By opting for tempered safety glass, you protect your furniture and every member of your household, especially children. The most significant benefit of this type of glass is that in the rare case it shatters, it brakes of into smaller pieces, rather than large threatening shards of glass.

A Jim’s glass table top isn’t only beautiful and well-made; it is also designed to last you a long time and to be easy to maintain. A job done by expert hands and relying on premium materials is our guarantee to customer satisfaction.

By adding a glass table top to your furniture, cleaning and maintaining your home won’t cause you any headaches. Hot mugs, food or liquid spills and pets won’t pose any permanent damage to your tables’ surfaces. Dust and damage can easily be wiped off a glass table top in a few seconds.

Experience Jim’s Glass Customer Service

Our glass specialists are always a call away, ready to assist. After you contact our team, a trained glazier will visit your home to provide a complementary measure and quote service. No effort is spared so that you can be confident of getting the right fit. We are also open to working with your drawings or design vision to fully customise your experience. At Jim’s glass, we are fully committed to putting our customers and their satisfaction as the priority.

Jim’s glaziers are ready to create the perfect glass table top for your home. Call us today at 131 546 to set up measurement and quote appointment with one of our qualified glaziers.