How Do You Create Space

Article-771-300x199 How Do You Create SpaceClutter – something that every homeowner is allergic to! Homes become cluttered when there is no storage space available. How do we end this? The simplest way to add storage space is by using shelves.

Shelves are platforms that are suspended from the walls that can hold anything from figurines to books. Instead of free-standing heavy book cases, shelves that are on walls are great options to a home or office.

When Storage Is Low

Most homes do not have a lot of shelving for the reason that it would look bulky on walls; however, innovation had solved this! Glass shelving is the perfect way of adding storage space that does not look bulky because there are no visible edges. It also adds character to a room as it can function as a decorative piece. Made from toughened A-grade safety glass, it is safe and able to carry the load to a certain amount of weight.

Some modern houses have further modernised the look of their homes with other decorative ideas, coupled with the versatility of glass shelving. Some homeowners even added lighting or used coloured glass that made their shelves not just a space to put things on, but as a feature of the room.

‘De-Clutter’ That Room!

Getting the most out of a room equates to the amount of space. With the clutter eliminated as things are neatly placed on glass shelves, there would not be any need for free-standing shelves and heavy bookcases or boxes on the floor. De-cluttering is the key to added space. De-clutter with glass shelves for a more roomy, sophisticated, and elegant home!

Another good thing about glass shelves is it is easy to clean as dust can be removed with a simple spray and wipe.

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