Common Causes of Broken Windows

A broken window can be very costly in many different ways such as repair and security of your home. If the broken window happens during a rainstorm it can also be costly by causing extensive water damage. Here a few common causes of broken windows so you can be alert during these type of situations.

Severe Weather

No matter what part of the country you live in, you will experience severe weather at one time or another. Typical summer rain storms can cause damage to your windows and your home by producing hail capable of breaking window panes. Depending on your climate, you may also experience snow storms capable of producing icicles that can also break windows. You are more likely to incur damage if the windows in your house are older and frail due to their age.

Kids At Play

Kids will be kids which will usually lead to something being broken in your home. Whether it is a ball or some other foreign object it always seems to find a window to break.  If and when this happens you should find a professional that will do the job in a timely and cost efficient way.

Common Wear

Even a wear free window can be hiding cracks or chips which make it susceptible to being broken. Wooden window frames are the worst because they expand and contract with varying weather. This process will cause wear and irreparable damage which will result in you having to replace the window.

Jim’s Glass will help the process go smoothly and be cost effective, backed by a lifetime guarantee! If you ever require an emergency replacement for broken glass call our hotline on 131 546 for an immediate response.