Commercial Window Replacement

Commercial Window Replacement

Commercial-Window-Replacement Commercial Window ReplacementGlass gives a sophisticated and elegant look and feel to any commercial establishment. Whether it is a glass shopfront or glass door, glass dividers, shelves, systems, and tables, they all add the lustre and sophistication that a store or business owner needs to enhance the ambience of their area. However, what if the glass breaks?

The act of breaking glass, and broken glass that is lying around is a very dangerous thing. It could cause severe injuries. Many people have been cut, hurt, and even lost lives because of broken glass. Some commercial establishments have faced legal issues and lawsuits because of broken glass as well. To avoid this, as soon as you notice a chip, a scratch or a crack on the glass, have the window replaced right away!

The same thing goes for the frames and other components that make up the glass structure within the establishment or office. A faulty guide rail may cause a glass divider to fall, a damaged hinge may cause a glass door to break as it is pushed open, a broken shopfront may even pose as a security breach; therefore any glass component that is faulty or broken should also be replaced to avoid any glass mishaps.

24 hour Shopfront and Commercial Window Replacement

Commercial-Window-Replacement2 Commercial Window ReplacementFortunately for commercial establishments and offices, Jim’s Glass has a 24-hour emergency service that is open 24/7! We can make glass replacements in as little as 24 hours if your call is received before 12 pm.

Jim’s Glass makes sure that the replacement glass complies with the relevant Australian standard to ensure that it is suitable and safe for the type of wear and tear that it will be exposed to. The window is toughened A-grade safety glass making it a safe replacement for commercial situations.

Safety glass has been specified for use in commercial and residential buildings, as well as windows and other glazing needs. Unlike regular glass, safety glass breaks into small granules that are most unlikely to cause severe injuries. With Jim’s Glass, you can be assured that the glass that is being used for your business establishment is safe and cost-effective, and even better than what you used to have!

Whether you are in need of a replacement for your glass shopfront window or glass doors, glass shelves, glass cases or glass systems like stairwells or glass balustrades, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality glazing product from Jim’s Glass that is manufactured and installed according to the glazing code.

Get Emergencies Done Reliably Fast

For your glass coffee table, boardroom tables, windows, and anything that requires glass, Jim’s Glass can provide you with quick and reliable glass repair and replacement service. All glazing jobs are done by highly skilled glazing professionals that are fully equipped to do the job.

Never settle for anything less than the best in Australia! Only Jim’s Glass has 24 hours emergency repair and replacement service that you can rely on for fast service and top calibre workmanship. Dial 131 546 any time you need experts to do the glazing job for you!