How to Clean and Maintain Your Glass Table Tops

3-300x235 How to Clean and Maintain Your Glass Table Tops

A glass table top adds elegance to any room. Apart from adding aesthetic value to your home interior, the clear and “invisible” nature of glass creates the illusion of space. This makes the room grander than it seems.

Whether it is for your coffee table or dining table, glass table tops can go well with any furniture style – be it traditional or contemporary. As beautiful and functional as glass is, however, you may want to remember that it is quite a fragile material. While glass table tops are reinforced, they still have their limits. They may still break if objects that are too heavy are placed on top.

Proper care and maintenance must be taken to avoid accidents, as well as to keep the glass from losing its pristine look. Here are some ways you can take care of your glass table top:

  • Maintain the glass’ shiny appeal by keeping it clean at all times, especially since it can show dust and marks easily. Make sure to use the right cleaning solution and absorbent cloth or soft paper towels.
  • Avoid using abrasive materials as these can create scratches on the glass’ surface. With the right cleaning materials, the glass top on your table can last longer than any of your furniture.
  • Glass is a sensitive material. Avoid placing heavy objects with sharp or rough bases on the glass table tops to keep them from being damaged.
  • Use tablemats or coasters to protect the glass. If you’re putting things on it, remember to do so gently so as not to break the glass because of the impact.

An excellent addition to any room, glass table tops, are easy to clean and maintain. But when buying or replacing your old or broken glass table top, be sure to deal only with professionals.  Jim’s Glass can expertly cut glass table tops to suit your specifications.

Do you want a traditional shape like a simple circle, square, or rectangle? Or do you prefer a complex design such as hexagon, oval or any other unusual shape? Just name it, and Jim’s Glass can cut it for you!