Choosing the right Shower screen hinge

When deciding on a frameless shower screen, the most important element is the quality of the hinges and fittings used. The hinges and fittings are a vital element in a frameless shower screen as their quality will impact their performance, longevity and aesthetics in your bathroom. Many glass companies use hinges from china and other sources that are selected for one reason; its cheap. The only advantage to this is you will get a frameless shower screen installed for less money upfront. The disadvantage is the disappointment you will have as time goes by and these cheap hinges and fittings fail to perform.  The springs may rust, leaving rust stains on your tiles (yuck!), the hinges may drop causing your door to sag or rub against another panel, the exterior plating may fade or peel away and most importantly the door will not close on centre!

The fittings and hinges we use at Jim’s Glass are the best fittings and hinges available. Although this results in a few extra dollars upfront, this investment pays dividends over time. The fitting and hinges  we use will NOT drop, rust, fade or peel. They are the only hinge in the market that uses a patented 3 pin system that guarantees the door will ALWAYS close on centre….every time. There is nothing worse than a shower door that is always ajar! The best thing is that in 10 years’ time they will look as good as they do today. This is backed by a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty and Jim’s lifetime guarantee. SO the question is….is cheaper necessarily cheaper?

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