How to Choose the Best Glass Fixture for your Shop

Part of your decision to use glass panels and glass shelves in your shop is the ability to choose the most appropriate type for your kind of business.  Your glass panels can showcase your products making them more attractive to consumers. On the other hand, choosing a glass type that is not appropriate may conceal what your products can offer.

Tempered or safety glass can be used as long shelves and can carry heavy displays and merchandise. Glass panels are very attractive and elegant. The glass panel in itself can serve as a fixture that will add a unique and modern appeal onto your store. It can also be a space saving option because you can still put panels underneath for more display options. The use of the glass panels will illuminate your shop and make it appear bright as compared to a shop that uses opaque materials as shelves.

For small and valuable items, like jewellery and other luxury items, you can opt for the display shelves to have metal locks and alarms. The good thing about using glass is your merchandise can be displayed but will be safe at the same time.

For more secure options, most business owners upgrade their existing glass panels to Burglar Resistant Glass. They can be a bit pricey but the safety and the convenience that this type of glass can give you and your business can never be disregarded.

Make sure that the glass panels meet safety standards. When you decide to have the glass panels and glass shelves resized, consider the weight the glass panels will carry. You need also to consider the appropriate width that the panel needs to have to sustain pressure and other external factors. It would be best to have a strategic plan before having your glass shelves cut or ordered so that you can stick with your specifications. The best option however, is to have the glass panels customized and ordered from a reputable glass company. They can visit your shop and have accurate measurements taken to ensure safety and quality installation. Also, they can give you the best suggestions in terms of material or type of glass to be used for your store shelves.

Whether you are opening up a new business or upgrading an existing shopfront, make sure you stick to a reputable company. The use of glass has its own advantages but also has its disadvantage when not installed correctly or when left to be attended by unskilled hands. With Jim’s Glass you can be assured of quality, in terms of products and services. You can be assured of its Certificate of Compliance that all work performed is in full accordance with Australian Standards AS1288-2006 (Glass in Buildings – Selection & Installation)

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