Care & Maintenance of Your Frameless Shower Doors

Your frameless glass shower door’s brand-new look can stay for a long as possible. Regular and proper maintenance – that’s what is required to preserve its crystal clear and sparkling appearance. All it needs is some cleaning routine that you do, regularly after every bath or each exposure to water. Too long a time between cleanings gets build up of water spots, mold, and other things.  These elements may be very difficult to completely remove from the frameless glass. There are some helpful tips so you can properly maintain your frameless glass shower enclosures functioning well, scratch free and gleaming.

Keeping a small squeegee, a clean, soft damp cloth or towel handy in your bathroom cabinet can make this task as easy as being a part of every shower. A few minutes of wiping dry the accumulated soap and water droplets off the shower door after each shower is first step.

Minimise Water Stains and Spotting

If by chance you forget to wipe and dry water spots, just scrub gently with the use of a non-abrasive bathroom cleaner the very next time you take a bath. Those water stains and spots should be kept at a minimum. Take care to scrub and wipe these off gently. Scrubbing too hard could scratch or damage the glass enclosure.

Use Non- Abrasive, Non-Ammonia Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner, can also be used to clean your frameless shower doors. Be sure, however, that it does not contain any ingredient that may cause any damage. Ammonia for example, can eat away at the hardware, may destroy your glass door’s sparkling appearance and may even affect its function. Liquid cleaners or sprays are more advisable, as long as they are not harsh and do not have any harmful and strong elements. Remember to always use good quality products and be sure to read the ingredient list carefully.

Leaks Check

Even if you checked that the contractor made sure the glass was cut to the proper thickness, and doors installed according to the exact specificationsyour glass shower doors may still begin to leak, after repeated use. A watertight seal can sometimes be difficult to attain- one of the drawbacks of frameless glass showers. Be sure to check the entire floor and around the shower for moisture. A suspected leak should warn you to contact your qualified contractor, before greater damage is done.

Surface Protector – Optional Preventive Maintenance

To minimize water staining and make your shower door easier to maintain and care for, spray a surface protector. This protector prevents water and other accompanying dirt from clinging to the surface of the glass and instead bead up then roll off. Thus, it helps guard against the adhesion and build-up of dirt, grime, molds, mildew, rust and mineral deposits. You may need to apply the protector once every one to three months.  When water no longer beads on the surface of the glass shower door, it is time to reapply the surface protector.

Above everything else, the first thing you need to be cautious about is that your frameless shower glass door has been installed using quality glass.


Jim’s Glass frameless shower screens are custom measured and manufactured to Jim’s extremely high standards. All of the glass panels are made from heavy duty10mm A-Grade toughened safety glass, and fully comply with Australian Standard AS1288/2006.

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