Can’t Find The Perfect Mirror Anywhere?

Jim’s Glass Has The Solution!

Every home has mirrors – whether it is the standard bathroom mirror or something more extravagant to complement your design. However, finding the right mirror can be difficult. At Jim’s Glass, we help South Australian home and business owners select a mirror that is perfect for their desired application.

If you are having difficulty in choosing the right product for you, and you need a helping hand, we are here to help. The Jim’s Glass team knows mirrors, and can help you get the most out of your wall space with a premium mirror! With an extensive range of services and an emphasis on friendly service, you’ll be satisfied with your brand new mirror!


The selection and installation of a mirror should always involve professional assistance. It is purely from a knowledge and safety standpoint. With broad experience in the selection and installation of many different mirrors, we know what considerations need to be made to ensure that no mirror breaks during the process. A shattered mirror can be very hazardous, and expensive to rectify.

Our team is equipped with of the necessary experience and equipment to make sure of proper handling in the process – with precision and efficiency.


While it may seem like there is only one kind of mirror, the reality is that there is a bit of variety to choose from when it comes to sizing and edges. If you are trying to decide how big your mirror should be, allow us to help you with professional advice.

The two popular options for mirrors are the polished and bevelled edge. Both of these options have aesthetic capabilities and provide the depth and integrity we have come to expect in a mirror. We can also make recommendations about which option and size best suit your desired application.


To ensure that the installation of your mirror is a long-term solution, you need to use an experienced team of glaziers and mirror professionals. At Jim’s Glass, our team has worked with mirrors for many years and has consequently learned the best installation techniques and advanced knowledge about what constitutes a high-quality installation.

Every home is different, and we can help you add a unique mirror application if you desire to add flair and depth to a particular area. If you have any questions about correct mirror maintenance, our team can help you ensure that you see your face smiling back at you!

If you are having some trouble in the mirror department, let Jim’s Glass give you a hand. We can help you get the product you desire, as well as help you install it in a way that you envision. For all of your glass-related needs, call Jim’s Glass today.