What Can Water Do

Article-93-300x200 What Can Water DoWater is an essential part of our lives. As much as it is important to us, it is not the same with our house’s structure. Being responsible homeowners, we need to make sure that water does not seep in the structure. Renovation and reinforcing the home’s foundation is a pretty expensive thing; however, prevention is less costly and better.

Splash It Back

Taking care of the home does not mean foregoing regular routine. Cooking, washing dishes, taking a bath, and doing home improvement projects cannot be taken for granted lest we want our lives to stop. With this in mind, you can bring home the innovative wall protection that restaurants and many commercial establishments use – splashbacks!

Splashbacks are an excellent way of improving and protecting the home. Whether it is in the kitchen, garage, or in project work areas they are a great way of protecting the walls from water and other harmful fluids from seeping into the concrete or ruining the walls’ finish. Made from A-grade safety glass, they can be customised to match your home’s design while maintaining an easy clean up every time.

Choose Glass

Made from toughened A-grade safety glass, glass splashbacks are the perfect solution to any home. Spray and wipe with glass cleaner, and it is back to its elegance and beauty! Protecting the walls is a breeze as mildew, moulds, and soap scum would not get into the wall behind it as there are no spaces in between. It is hygienic, protects the walls, and is cost-effective.

Call Jim’s Glass and choose from our long line of designs or customise your own! From clear to coloured, to specialised acid etched or sanded A-grade safety glass. Dial 131 546 on your phone and get a free measure and quote service today.