How Can A Table Top Give More To A Homeowner

Article-76-291x300 How Can A Table Top Give More To A HomeownerEvery owner wishes to upgrade their property. Be it a home or office, one way to show progress is by upgrading. However, with today’s tough times upgrading is a costly thing. If only there are other options that an owner can choose to give their property that sophisticated, upgraded look, then life would be easier.

The look of an office or home is an important thing. As the years pass; the design of a certain structure or area becomes outdated but sophistication and elegance never go out of style. Glass automatically gives an air of opulence to a property. With little changes, the owner can ‘upgrade’ the look and feel without spending too much.

Of Worn Out Table Tops And Choices

A simple house has a coffee table and dining table. However, an old and scratched coffee table with damaged finish is an eyesore. Eating with the whole family can become a bore with the old Formica table that you acquired in the 70’s. Walking into a conference room with enormous metal tables will not wow a potential client but could give them the feel of walking into an old laboratory!

Make A Change And Upgrade

A coffee table with a table top made of toughened safety A-grade glass would be a delight to the visitor. Glass matches any type of furniture and home design, and at the same time easy to clean. A glass dining table top can be a feature in the dining room where the whole family can feel at home and experience a feast-like ambiance at every meal time.

A glass conference table top can automatically get the ‘yes’ of a potential client. A simple glass table top can give you more than just a new table top!

Upgrade your home or office in a cost-effective manner. Choose options that will give you the winning edge. Call Jim’s Glass at 131 546 to get your free measure and quote or conveniently book online!