When Can Sound Mean So Much

Article-98-300x200 When Can Sound Mean So Much

Sound is something that one can hear through the ears. Hearing sound can either makeup our mood or ruin a good sleep. Sound is also something that can be kept outside or inside the premise. With technology, more and more households are able to keep the noise out, and commercial establishments are able to keep the noise inside. Ever wonder how?

A Sound Home

Perfect for today’s busy lifestyle when productivity means more than peace and quiet, sound reducing acoustic glass (marketed as “hush glass”) is essential for a restful night and total well-being with noise levels. Able to put down the noise levels up to 34%, a peaceful sleep is now possible. This 34% in reduction rate equates to a 6dB sound reduction, much like when one doubles the distance between himself and the sound source.

Commercial establishments that generate a lot of noise can receive a lot of complaints from ‘neighbours’ because of all the sound that comes from them. A good way to prevent this from happening is to install the same technology to the shopfront and other windows within the structure. With sound reduction acoustic glass, noise can be kept inside and prevent it from affecting people outside.

Hush Little Baby

More popularly known as “hush glass,” this technological breakthrough is a wonderful solution to today’s busy lifestyle. With all the hustle and bustle of the day that many people go through, it would be a great relief to have peace and quiet when one gets home after a hard day’s work.
As for business owners, revenue should continue to flow, and this can only happen when you have the best interest of the people around.

Peace and quiet can now be achieved! Whether it is for you or the people around you, getting sound reducing acoustic glass will mean a lot and can be a turning point in everyone’s lives. Get in touch with the experts in sound reduction glass. Call Jim’s Glass at 131 546 and get your free measure and quote today!