How Can Scratches Be ‘Healed’

Article-102-225x300 How Can Scratches Be ‘Healed’	The dining table, coffee table, and dressing table are always used in the house. The rigors that these tables go through with our day-to-day busy lives are so much that as a responsible homeowner, finding ways of ‘protecting’ or reinforcing them is a good idea.

To The Top

Glass table tops have been found to be most beneficial and elegant. They can match any interior and theme in any place. However, glass can also be broken or scratched. A simple scratch will not affect how functional your piece may be, but it can ruin the finish of an utterly beautiful table.

Minor scratches can be remedied with simple toothpaste, metal polish, or jeweller’s rouge. There are also glass repair kits that are available in the market. Start by cleaning the glass and simply applying a small amount of toothpaste or glass repair kit. However, these simple fixes are for minor scratches. What if the scratch can become the prelude to breakage?

Professional Help

Calling professionals to ‘heal’ your scratched table top can help you get ‘it’ back. Professional glass replacement of scratched or broken glass table tops can extend the life of furniture and save the homeowner his hard-earned money from purchasing a new piece of furniture. Getting the scratch off is healing the glass, but replacing broken glass is giving your furniture ‘new life.’

Replacements are made with safety A-grade toughened glass that can make a difference to your furniture and your family’s safety, while repairs are done with workmanship that is undeniably the best according to Australian safety standards.

Get in touch with the people who know what they are doing. 24-hour emergency repair and replacements done efficiently is as simple as picking up the phone and dialling 131 546. Call Jim’s Glass for your professional glazing needs!