Who Can Say That Mirrors Change Lives

Article-75-200x300 Who Can Say That Mirrors Change Lives

Mirrors have a way of reflecting image and light back. It also has the psychological effect that plays with the mind’s imagination. Mirrors had been accidentally invented; however, it is perhaps one of the simplest yet functional accidental inventions there is!

Mirrors can be used within the home and workplace. Science has found many practical applications for the mirror while the arts have found quite a number of aesthetical uses. Innovators have found ways of fusing together both functional and aesthetic uses to create a whole new experience.

Practical vs. Innovative

Enumerating the functional and practical uses of mirrors in day-to-day living would include dental and concave mirrors. Innovators had put their minds together for centuries and found that mirrors are great ways of signalling each other in the outdoors by bouncing sunlight on and off a mirror.

Significant discoveries of our time utilised the functionality of the mirror to change our lives for the better. Examples like the telescope and microscope use mirrors to make inverted images projected by the lens upright.

Aesthetically innovative, designers have learned to use glass to demonstrate the illusion of space to an otherwise small room, and had successfully explored its refracting ability by using mirrors to bounce light off and illuminate a dark spot within the room.

More To Come

With practical, functional, and innovative uses for mirrors, many individuals have decided to put mirrors in their homes to enhance their daily lives and create ‘instant space’ where needed.

Made from safety A-grade glass, having large mirrors around the home and office for aesthetical and optical reasons is now a safe experience even when there are children around.

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