How Can We Save Our Family Heirlooms

blog-142-300x239 How Can We Save Our Family Heirlooms

For centuries, families pass down heirlooms that include pieces of jewel, furniture, homes, and many more. Oftentimes, these are things that had been hard-earned and custom-made using unique designs and expensive materials worthy to be kept for generations.

Tables made of expensive wood are one of the most common heirlooms that most families cherish. However, these may get damaged through time. If only there is a way of taking care of these precious family treasures, then the world would remain as beautiful as it was before.

Table Of Uniqueness

Round, oval, square, octagon, and rectangle are the most common table shapes. They are made of expensive timber and had been designed according to the aesthetic tastes of the owner. These are expensive tables; some even costs as much as a small home! Putting a glass table top can protect the finish and makes it possible to be passed on to future generations.

Because of the uniqueness of these table pieces, careful choice needs to be taken into consideration. To match the grandeur, glass table tops come in a variety of finishes and edges to enhance the natural beauty of an heirloom table – flat polish, waterfall, pencil bevel, and ogee.

New Heirloom

When we speak of heirlooms, these are not just expensive pieces coming from the past. With today’s workmanship and improved skills of craftsmen, it can also be a great idea to create your own heirloom to pass to future generations who will cherish it.

Modern times call for more modern tastes. A single sheet of safety A-grade glass placed on stands and embellished with customised designs can become your legacy to your family. Call the experts who work with superb workmanship according to current Australian safety standards. Get in touch with Jim’s Glass at 131 546 and get your table done today!