Where Can You Place A Splashback

Article-79-300x207 Where Can You Place A SplashbackSplashbacks are the perfect way to protect your walls from spills and stains. Because they are made of glass, it can be easily cleaned with a spray and wipe action. Splashbacks are also functional and a beautiful addition to the structure’s design.

But where are splashbacks most suitable for? Are they just for the kitchen? Can it be decorative? Is it safe?

Places Where They Can Be

Kitchens are places where a lot of cooking and washing is done. Splashbacks can be placed behind stoves and sinks, or behind counter areas that are against the walls. The garage is also a place where water and other liquid chemicals are often used. Acid from the car’s battery can be a corrosive nightmare to any garage wall and protecting it can save a homeowner from repair and refinishing costs. A cost-effective solution to an age old problem!

A Modern Twist

There are modern residents who thought of adding splashbacks around the outsides of their homes. Most of them are made of decorative glass and look great, at the same time functional! They protect the outside walls of the house from water and harsh chemicals used in gardening with a decorative effect.

Bathrooms are wet rooms. It is constantly wet from showers and tubs. It is wise to put glass splashbacks instead of tiles as moulds, mildew, and soap scum would easily collect on tile gaps. Glass is a more hygienic option as they can be cleaned with a spray and wipe technique. A fast, convenient, and hygienic solution for the bathroom!

The best splashback that a homeowner can get is from a trusted name in the glazing industry. Ensuring that your splashback’s make and installation are according to Australian safety standards is every responsible citizen’s concern. Protect the walls and yourself from costly wall repairs and refinishing. Call the experts in glass splashbacks, Jim’s Glass at 131 546, and get your free measure and quote today!