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Can I Choose the Colour of My Framed Shower Screen Frame?

Customize Your Shower Screen To Suit Your Bathroom!

While it is easy to think that there isn’t much variety available when it comes to shower screens, with Jim’s Glass, you can personalise your bathroom like never before. One of the questions we get asked often is what colour options are available for shower screen frames.

Through years of experience, we have curated a list of colours that cater to the design needs and preferences of South Australians from all walks of life. If you want access to the broadest range of colours for your shower screen frame, contact Jim’s Glass today!

The List

Our standard and popular colours for shower screen frames include white, white birch, almond, black and grey. These options give bathroom designers the opportunity to explore a range of tile and vanity combinations that complement or match your shower frame.

We also offer additional finishes in matt silver, bright silver and bright gold. These finishes, in particular, open up new doors for design and allow bathroom designers to match shower heads and other features of a specific screen of shower finish. If you need help selecting a colour, our team at Jim’s Glass is more than happy to provide you with advice as to which colour might suit your existing area!

Why Variety Is Important!

Everybody has a different taste when it comes to bathroom design. Some prefer the minimalist style, other like to tap into a specific era. Being able to select the colour of your shower screens frame means that you have more flexibility in your bathroom design. While a frame may seem subtle, it is an important aesthetic consideration.

Not only do we have colour options available for shower screen frames, but there are also different types of glass and applications available as well. So if ultimate control over how your shower will look is what you desire, call Jim’s Glass today.

Other Options

Shower screens have evolved to further encompass design trends and popular choices. At Jim’s Glass, we offer the broadest range of not only colours but different shower screens in general. We have on hand, quite a collection of semi-frameless (shower screens that solely have frames on the perimeter) and entirely frameless shower screens.

The minimalist trend in a bathroom is increasingly more popular in Adelaide homes, and with our additional shower screens available you will have the freedom to pursue any bathroom composition you desire.

If you would like to see our range of colours, and framing options for your brand new shower, contact Jim’s Glass today. Our team can help you make a decision and supply you with a product that will function for years to come. To ask about products, or request a quote, call Jim’s Glass today!