What Can Glass Do

Article-78-300x199 What Can Glass DoGlass can be a great and beautiful feature to any home or office, but can also be a hazardous if left unreplaced. Having broken glass replaced is a wise way of safeguarding your family or workers’ safety within your area of responsibility. However, getting the right people to do the job for you may be a tedious task to some.

Safety always comes first. Never risk the occurrence of an accident simply because glass had not been replaced – it could mean your life, or a loved one’s.

Yesterday’s Glass

Houses and other structures that had been built prior to the enactment of the new glass safety standards uses annealed or plate glass. When these break, it breaks into sharp shards of glass that can cause serious injuries or even death. You wouldn’t want that to happen, do you?

The number of cases had been filed within the last 10 years with regard to injuries incurred due to broken glass. Lawsuits, damages, and monetary costs can be prevented simply by following the safety standards in workmanship, as well as material.

Today’s Glass

Today’s glass is made of safety A-grade glass. When this breaks, it breaks in round, granular pieces and is less likely to cause any injuries with direct contact. Some safety glass has a sheet inside it that holds the glass in place even if it is broken. Do not scrimp on money and forego with safety. You might end up spending more with the aftermath of an accident that could occur with a broken glass.

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