Where Can I Get Fast And Reliable Glass Replacements

69-200x300 Where Can I Get Fast And Reliable Glass ReplacementsBroken glass poses a great hazard within the home. A homeowner should get the glass replaced in the fastest time possible to reduce the risk of being injured.

In the past, many people have been documented as getting injured due to broken glass. Accidents can happen any time; therefore, replacements should also be made any time. Emergency glass replacement is a service that a professional glazing company, like Jim’s Glass provide. Jim’s Glass has this service to ensure that every home and office stays safe.

Glass and Emergencies

Fast and reliable glass replacements done within 24 hours ensures that the incidence of these ‘accidents’ would not likely to occur. Using a glass that complies with Australian Standards as well as workmanship from professional glaziers is a good assurance that safety is a top priority.

Help is just a phone call away, or with a click of the mouse with Jim’s Glass – a trusted name in the glazing industry of Adelaide, Fleurieu Peninsula, and Melbourne. We only employ the best expert glaziers who are licensed, police cleared, well-equipped, and fully capable to handle any glass emergencies; whether it may be in the home or office.

We Are Here To Help

Friendly representatives are always on stand by with our 24 hour emergency hotline, ready to dispatch glass emergency teams to your premise. Our vehicles are fully equipped with tools and safety grade materials to answer to any needs manned by able bodied professional glaziers who have years of experience.

Jim’s Glass is confident with the workmanship and materials as proven by the service and material guarantee. Call us at 131 546 for any glass emergency replacement within your home or office. Safety comes first, and for that, Jim’s Glass is the name to call!