Can Energy Efficient Glass Really Save Me Money?

The Benefits Of Energy Efficient Glass

Has the weather got you all bent out of shape? It is probably high time to consider replacing the inefficient windows and doors of your home. By doing so, you only stand to reap many benefits, most importantly, alleviating the discomfort of living in a home that sucks up all the heat from the outside and drains your bank account as well!

Let’s continue looking at the numerous advantages you get by using Energy Efficient Glass around your home, particularly for your windows and doors.

Energy Efficient Glass Reduces Your Power Bill

With figures reaching almost 50% of heat loss just from having standard glass windows and doors around your home, means that you could be using up to 60% more energy to cool (or heat as well, for that matter) your home. That equates to a substantial monthly electric bill that you are paying now. Mitigating this problem means more money that you can spend on perhaps a vacation. Why not spend it in a land with more temperate climes next year when the rest of Adelaide will be holding their breaths for another heat-breaking record!

Curtail Spending by Spending Quality Time at Home

By improving your home’s thermal comfort, your family spends more time at home. Getting out of your home to seek a better atmosphere like going to the mall and eating out will make you spend some money! You will be compelled to shop for things you do not need. Eating out also means consuming more calories and eating foods that are not good for you. You come home feeling bloated from the indulgence, and drained – financially!

Energy Efficient Glass Promotes Good Health

Not to be taken lightly, as the name says, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects people during extreme swings in temperature. Keeping the heat and cold out and maintaining the optimum temperature inside your home can make everyone healthy – and cheerful. Peace in the home equates to the overall well-being of family members and promotes harmonious relationships. It is a well-known fact that good mood factors into the health of our immune systems also. A healthy immune system can ward off infections and illnesses – happier means healthier! You save by keeping the doctor away.

Energy Efficient Glass Improves Your Home’s Value and Marketability

One thing that attracts homebuyers is the use of energy efficient glass all around the house. The products also are a sure way to add value to your home. It is just a beautiful feature for any home.

With all that said, it is time to consider replacing your old windows and doors with energy efficient glass from Jim’s Glass. Did you know you can even keep your existing doors and windows? Talk to the team at Jim’s about how this magic gets done! Discuss with them also about their product line and how much money you can potentially save with each of the different types of glass you can use.

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