Can Energy-Efficient Glass Be A Budget Saver

43-300x242 Can Energy-Efficient Glass Be A Budget Saver

The cost of electricity nowadays is skyrocketing, coupled with heating costs. It can definitely give you a terrible headache! People around the world are trying to find ways of saving themselves from high utility costs and keep more dough in their pockets for food. Fortunately, a simple change in the home can save us all and put more into our pockets. Innovations are in our midst to make a better world for all of us. Lower electricity, as well as energy saving heaters, has been developed. However, is that all?

Energy-efficient glass – during the cold months, it keeps the warmth inside and keeps the cold outside. Typically, households spend up to 40% energy usage on heating and cooling, and energy-efficient glass can change this. It lets you save up to 25% on air-conditioning and heating bills.

How Can It Save Me On Bills?

Having your home or workplace reglazed with energy-efficient glass can make you comfortable as it reduces heat loss and drafts, as wells as cold spots. Aside from minimising heat (or cold) loss, it can also keep outside noise which is a big plus that comes with energy-efficient glass. You need to insulate your roofs and windows to keep you safe and have a comfortable living. Installing low-e (energy efficiency rating) glass in your home or office can prove to be a change that can save you from high bills in the long run.

A cosy, peaceful home or workplace, and lower bills – what more can anyone ask for? Save on electricity, heating, and noise! Call the most trusted name in energy-efficiency glazing, Jim’s Glass at 131 546 and get your complimentary on-site measure and quote. For your convenience, you can also book online. Get in touch with us now!