What Can Be Done With Table Tops

Article-87-300x198 What Can Be Done With Table TopsTables are essential furniture in the home. It is where children study their lessons of the day and create pieces of art from their imagination. A table is where we do our work and build our future; it is a place where dreams are moulded. A family shares their meals and stories over the dinner table; it is where memories are made.

Table Tops Of Glass

Heirloom tables can be protected by glass table tops, or a new table can be made with a solid glass table top that would look elegant with any kind of seating and structural design. Standard or custom-made, glass table tops can provide you with the best and perfect table that can be a central feature to any room, as well as a memory maker to any family gathering.

People are getting more and more aware that heirloom tables made of expensive and rare timber need the utmost love and care. The best way to take care of them is to have custom cut glass table tops to protect its finish so it can still be passed on to the next generation.

Glass It

Conference tables made of solid glass give the impression of sophisticated strength and power. You can never go wrong with glass table tops. It matches all possible interior designs and furnishings giving you the best solution.

Versatile, functional, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes! It is the upgrade you are looking for that does not entail a grand scale house renovation, and only costs a fraction of the amount needed to pay. Cost-effective and safe, glass table tops are made of toughened A-grade safety glass manufactured and cut to perfection according to set safety standards.

Whether it is for a replacement, new glass table top, or protective glass top, call Jim’s Glass at 131 546 for the best glass table tops in the market!