Burglar Resistant Windows

Windows say a lot about our home’s personality and can dictate the ambience in our home. However, this can also post a huge security risk if not properly equipped with safety features. In this age of gadgets and technology, there are a lot of options in the market to keep us safe and sound in the comforts of our homes, protected from burglars.

Most thieves are aware that front doors are equipped with high end alarm systems, as such they try to concentrate on the windows as portal of entry.  Window alarms can be a good deterrent to warn your family of intruders. Some alarms even have access to the nearest police department to send an automatic call for help.

Installing a lock system will also be beneficial to ensure your home is safe from burglars passing through windows. Latches can also be installed into your sliding glass windows to keep them secured.  The only disadvantage of latches is they can also delay evacuation through the exit windows during emergency situations.

The best way to keep your home safe is to use Burglar Resistant Glass for your windows. This high safety glass has a tougher inner layer that prevents access by intruders who attempt to gain access to your home by using bricks, sledge hammers, axes, etc to break the glass. This type of glass is so strong that it can withstand very extreme pressure.

This is a very good hindrance to burglars because they will not be able to break the glass via usual means. If you have not yet upgraded to this type of windows, now would be the best time. Tomorrow may be too late.

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