Broken Shower Screen? Jim’s Glass Can Help!

Are You Looking For A Shower Screen Replacement?

When it comes to your shower screen, many homeowners may underestimate how damaging a cracked shower screen can be. Not only to your bathroom but also how compromising it can be to you and your family’s safety. If you find a crack or break in your shower screen, here at Jim’s Glass, we have you covered!

With years of industry experience and knowledge, we have helped thousands of Australians with cracked shower screens. Because of this, we have designed a glass repair and replacement service that is aimed at helping you get back on track with minimal stress!

At Jim’s Glass, every member of our professional glazier team is well experienced and will work with you and your specific situation to ensure that your shower screen repair or replacement service is tailored to meet your requirements. Keep reading to discover the Jim’s Glass shower screen replacement difference:

Emergency Service – Day or Night!

It doesn’t matter what day of the year or the time of the day, you can count on the Jim’s Glass team to provide you with a prompt emergency glass shower screen repair service no matter where you are in Adelaide. We understand the importance of fixing a broken shower screen which is why every one of our Jim’s Glass vans are well equipped with all of the necessary equipment to ensure that your shower screen is fixed immediately.

The most important thing for you to do when your shower screen cracks or is shattered is to stay away from the area and let our professional team handle the rest!

Create A New Space

While having a cracked or damaged shower screen is something that nobody is looking to experience, it can be an excellent opportunity to give your Adelaide bathroom a revamp. Shower screens are often underrated in their ability to transform the look and feel of a bathroom completely.

At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in creating custom-made shower screens in either framed, semi-frameless or frameless options. Each of these framing types is available in an extensive range of frame colours and glass types to help you achieve the bathroom look you’ve always wanted to.

If you’re unsure of which type will best suit your Adelaide home, our professional team can provide you with design advice to make your bathroom shine!

Let Us Help You!

If you’re looking for a premium shower screen replacement service or any glass replacement and shower screen repairs in Adelaide, look no further than the Jim’s Glass team! With years of industry experience, we have the industry knowledge and experience to ensure your shower screen will never be damaging to you. Simply give us a call today!