Benefits of Laminated Glass

Whether it is in home building or other projects the benefits of laminated glass are indisputable. Here a few things to consider when needing glass replacement in Melbourne.

Laminated Glass Is Safer

Regular glass is a very brittle and fragile material that can be dangerous if broken. The regular splits into small sharp pieces when broken which can lead to minor and sometimes fatal injuries. The safety benefit of laminated glass is that it is made to resist breaking in such a manner because of the interlayer inside of the glass. This reason alone is a major reason that car windshields are required to be made from laminated glass. The interlayer performs as a barrier which takes the majority of whatever impact hits the glass.

Laminated Glass Heightens Security

Typically burglars will attempt to break the glass of whatever building they are trying to gain access. Normal glass breaks with little force allowing the intruder to enter your building with barely any work. Laminated glass will not shatter with the force of a burglar’s hand and even if it does the interlayer will remain intact which will deny access to the would be intruder. Reglazing of the window can be done whenever because the interlayer remains which will save money on costly after hours repairs.

Laminated Glass Reduces Noise Greatly

Unlike traditional glass, laminated glass is a great way to soundproof your home or building. The viscoelastic properties of the interlayer allow for such noise reduction. By eliminating outside noise your home and work environment will be more peaceful and productive.

Laminated Glass Can Save Energy

Keeping to much sunlight out of your building is very important when trying to cut down on power costs. Tinted laminated glass has been shown to be very effective when it comes to keeping excess sunlight out and reducing energy waste. Not only is it energy efficient but can also help keep down glare that too much sunlight can produce.

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