Benefits of a Custom-made Table Top!

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A Glass Table Top Is the Way to Go

Tables can make a significant difference to any room’s appearance. With all the various kinds of tables available, picking the best one that suits your room could be a considerable challenge. With a glass table top, you cannot go wrong. Not only will a glass table top add an exquisite look and charm to any table, but it will also protect your table’s surface and extend its life.

No matter what shape or size of a glass table top you are looking for, Jim’s Glass has got you covered. We can custom-cut the glass to fit your dream table, from simple shapes like circles, squares or rectangles to more complex ones such as ovals, hexagons or any other unusual design. A glass table top will be the perfect addition to your home; it is equally functional and decorative.


One of the best reasons to invest in a high-quality glass table top is the protection it provides to the table’s surface. Everyday items like keys, vases or electronics can easily cause scratches and dents to your table’s wooden surface. Even other materials like stone surfaces need protection from spills, stains and water rings.

Low Maintenance

Glass is one of the most comfortable materials to clean. Whether it is a food stain, makeup or a build-up of dust, all it takes is just a quick wipe with a dry cloth and a bit of glass cleaner to make it shine and look brand new again. You will not need any special cleaners or polishing materials. With a glass tabletop, you will be saving time, effort and money.

More Open Look

If you are looking to make a room appear much larger than it is, a glass table top will do the trick for you. It quickly creates the illusion of more space in the room as opposed to solid furniture. A glass table top will also lighten up the room. The transparency of glass creates a beautiful shimmer and sparkle as it reflects the light.


As glass is transparent, a glass table top will make its surrounding decor, such as rugs, chairs, bookshelves or storage areas underneath it, visible. It allows you to add some personal touch and some character to your room.


No matter what style of furniture you have, a glass tabletop will go with it. Glass is adaptable to fit your modern, contemporary or classic style. Besides, glass will help avoid expensive modifications as it never goes out of style.

Here at Jim’s Glass, we use high-quality glass to create durable custom-made tabletop designs inspired by you. Our glass table tops will help protect your table surface, while also enhancing its visual appeal. We operate will all the required experience and knowledge to mould the glass table top to fit the exact size and shape you desire. Call Jim’s Glass now to learn more about our custom-made glass solutions!