Benefits of Glass Staircases and Glass Balustrades

Glass staircases and balustrades were just a dream in the ancient times. Now, the modern world realizes that they are more than just an option but perhaps the best choice. Here are the top reasons why glass staircases/balustrades are gaining popularity in homes as well as business establishments.

Elegant Appeal

The chic and elegant look of a glass staircase or balustrade is very evident. The way it reflects and play along with illumination effects during various times of the day, add heaps to the overall appeal of the home or the building. Some hotels and stores even use their intricate glass staircases as an interesting highlight of the building. They are eye catching thus attract more customers and visitors.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Glass panels do not attract dust and dirt as wooden or concrete panels. Maintaining wooden stairs would entail regular polishing to keep them shiny. Also, the same effort should be done when cleaning each of the wooden steps continuously, otherwise some parts would shine and other steps would look dull. Wooden staircases would also need repainting or re-varnishing over a period of time, which you can do away with when you install glass staircases.

Versatile Options

Glass staircases and balustrades can blend to any theme. Modern, sophisticated, minimalistic, etc., glass staircases are a designers prized answer to any challenging decorating task.  This is because apart from versatility, their functionality can never be taken for granted. For small spaces, a glass staircase can widen the area. A spiral staircase will also be appropriate for a space-challenged area.

Durability Factor

Glass is not anymore synonymous with being delicate. In fact, glass has been tagged as one of the most durable construction materials of the industrial world. It is even more durable than wood which is prone to corroding and pest infestation over a period of 5 years or so. Glass has been proven to maintain its quality and durability for a longer period of time requiring less maintenance treatments.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, one of the most obvious reasons why glass is very popular is its ability to illuminate the stairway which is a good practice in homes and offices. More visibility of steps (as opposed to shadows and dark areas triggered by opaque staircase materials) may prove to be very effective as a safety measure in your homes and in office settings too.

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