Who Is Behind The Shower Screens

Article-72-225x300 Who Is Behind The Shower Screens	A convenient way of keeping water within the shower area, as well as maintaining hygiene is with a bath enclosure. However, old style enclosures can be bulky and may rot as they are made of wood. Some old bath enclosures are even prone to moulds and mildew because they are made of materials that are ‘home’ to them. So when toughened glass came into the market, people started using them as bath enclosures.

Your Own Shower Screen

Many people have found that glass shower screens are easy to clean, as well as a great way of improving aesthetics of the bathroom. It is also a good way to conserve electricity as the light can pass through glass; therefore, there is no need to add additional lighting just to brighten up your shower.

But just how are these glass shower screens different from each other? How can one make it unique? The glass used as shower screens are made of toughened A-grade glass that is up to safety standards. They can also be an excellent way of updating an old bathroom and add more sophisticated ambiance. They can be frosted, clear, or added decals for glass to give a more private experience for the user. Glass shower screens can either be framed, frameless, or semi-frameless depending on the owner’s choice.

The Shower Experience

Safety comes first. Aside from being made of toughened A-grade glass, safety glass is used to ensure that the bathroom achieves a level of safety for all users. The more benefits of glass are employed in the make and design of the shower screen; the user is given an experience unlike any other – an experience of security and privacy.

More and more homeowners are opting to make use of glass shower screens. Whether it is for new build, or to make an update on an existing one, call the most trusted name in the glazing industry. Get in touch with Jim’s Glass at 131 546, or book an appointment!