Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

bathroom-mirror-300x200 Bathroom MirrorsThe bathroom is one room in your home that should always have a mirror. You can purchase a mirror from almost any home improvement store and get the generic types of mirror that you are not sure about. It is best to have bathroom mirrors that are custom made to exactly fit your bathroom area. Jim’s Glass is a leading provider and installer of high quality custom bathroom mirrors.

Aside from being economical, customising the bathroom mirror is an excellent idea as you can get the mirror to perfectly suit your bathroom’s architectural structure and interior design. Having a customised mirror installed in your bathroom can become the perfect focal point and can create a statement in itself adding to the beauty and sophistication of the room.

Bathroom Mirror Benefits

What can a customised mirror do for you? Having a customised bathroom mirror ensures that you are getting the highest safety rating for your glass product. This makes sure that every member of the family is safe to be around glass. Jim’s Glass mirror is made of A-grade safety glass that complies with current Australian standards.

Aside from safety, having a custom mirror in your bathroom can enhance lighting. This, in turn, would help you in creating an energy-efficient bathroom. With the light being enhanced, coupled with the mirror’s natural ability to reflect images, the illusion of much needed space is achieved as it gives more depth to your bathroom.

Whether you choose from fully framed, frameless or semi-frameless bathroom mirrors, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality with Jim’s Glass!

Bevelled Edge Bathroom Mirror

bathroom-mirror2-300x200 Bathroom MirrorsThe most popular mirror finishes are typically bevelled and polished.  The bevelled edge mirror is a stylish addition to your bathroom for that modern, clean look. With an elegantly designed edge that creates a 45-degree bevel that becomes the frame of the mirror itself. It has a depth and character on its own! To achieve the perfect finish, edges are then polished and rounded off to ensure user safety.

Bathroom Mirrors for Extra Space

Mirrors are wonderful accessories to have in your home. Not only do they provide the functionality of a conventional mirror, but they also give a number of benefits. The natural ability of glass to reflect and enhance lighting is perhaps one of the best examples of the benefits of glass. If you are upgrading your bathroom or creating a unique place, mirrors can create the appearance of space, enhanced lighting, and reflect colour.

Jims Glass – Your Bathroom Mirror Experts

Jim’s Glass professional glazing team is highly skilled, as well as fully insured and cleared. You can be assured that only the best glaziers do the job for your home or business. With continuous training and skills enhancement, every Jim’s professional glazier does their job according to the glazing code. Jim’s Glass ensures that only glass that is compliant with current Australian standards is used for every project.

Jim’s Glass can make a mirror almost any shape you desire to match your bathroom’s current interior design and architectural structure. Dial 131 546 for the best in professional glazing services. Get your free measure and quote today!