Why Is Australian Glass Safety Standard For You

Article-82-178x300 Why Is Australian Glass Safety Standard For YouChildren are the most important individuals in society. They are the future and to safeguard them from harm is our responsibility. With the family as part of the planning process in mind, the Australian glass safety standards ruled that a certain type and quality of glass should be used in all homes and establishments to ensure safety.

The Rules

Absolute adherence to Australian safety standards is imperative to make sure that the people living in a home or working in the office is protected and safe. That is the aim of every professional glazier in the industry.

Australian safety standards had set up grade A glass classification which includes toughened, laminated, vinyl backed mirror, and vinyl backed glass. Grade B glass classification are wired glass types that hold even when broken. When broken, toughened glass breaks in rounded granules and will not likely cause injury. Laminated glass holds like the wired type even when broken. The only difference is that wired glass is much stronger in resisting impact than laminated glass.

There are also set thicknesses that ensure the endurance of glass in relation to direct impact, as well as certification and accreditation of professional glaziers are part of safety assurance. Never leave the safety and security of your family in the hands of incompetent glaziers who are not fully certified and aware of the current safety standards as it could mean the health and life of a family member if glazing needs and standards are not met.

Assurance Of Quality

The grading system devised by the safety board assures the safety of the people dwelling in residential and commercial structures. The precise manufacture of this glass, as well as strict workmanship code, makes sure that even children are safe to be around glass. High quality material and good workmanship equate to you and your family’s safety at all times.

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