Architectural Reeded Glass Frameless Shower Screen

Jim’s Glass in Adelaide recently has the privilege to work on this bespoke shower screen in an architecturally designed home by Alan Cooper of Finesse Built.

A Narrow Reeded Glass Shower Screen

His brief was to create a floor to ceiling frameless shower screen using Narrow Reeded glass. The first challenge was the limitations of the narrow reeded glass sheet sizes. 10mm narrow reeded glass has a maximum height of 1840mm and 6mm maximum height was 2440mm. This was challenging given the ceilings were 3000mm.

Transom Panel for the required height

The only option was to create a transom panel and in consultation with C.R. Laurence decided upon using their header system with Cardiff Hinges. This particular CRL header system provided we chose provided for a rebate on the upper surface big enough to pocket the transom panel glass into. To solve our glass problem, we had no choice but to use the 6mm narrow reeded as it provided a more suitable height than the 10mm, however, 6mm on its own was not a suitable thickness of glass for this application.


The only option was to incorporate the 6mm into a custom toughened laminate. The makeup was 6mm Narrow Reeded toughened, 1.52 clear PVB interlayer and 4mm clear toughened. After cross-referencing the weight limitations of the hardware and the weight of the glass to ensure it was suitable.

Cutting the narrow reeded glass.

Next, we had to cut the narrow reeded glass.

Vic-Ave-2-300x253 Architectural Reeded Glass Frameless Shower Screen

Custom shower screen

This required particular care as we needed to line up the reeds of the transom panel with the door and fixed panel below. We cut the narrow reeded glass in our factory to get the reeds lined up then we sent the glass over to Chevron Glass in Adelaide so they could do the edge work, toughening and laminating for us.

The architect also wanted the shower hardware to match the window frames in the bathroom. To achieve this was had to get the hardware blasted then powder coated in Ace Black to ensure an exact match.

Once all the hardware and glass was ready our team of highly skilled glaziers, under the direction of our Master Glazier Wayne Davies delivered a high-end installation with millimetre precision. The end result is a spectacular shower screen to match a spectacular house.