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Add Some Style to Your Living Room With Glass Table Tops From Jim’s

Custom-made Glass Table Tops

Furnishing your home takes vision, money and time. Putting together a room you love means continually being in the lookout for new ways to improve your design, style and décor. It is especially true in your living room – a place for entertaining and spending quality time with loved ones. Glass table tops can be the element that takes your living room furniture to the next level. Extend your living room’s furniture life.

Add Style

Glass table tops can add a sophisticated finish to your coffee table, side tables or consoles. Plus, glass is extremely easy to clean, which simplifies keeping your room looking neat and looking put together. Glass can also add significant value to your favourite pieces and protect your high-quality wood objects. You can further personalise a room by adding a custom glass table top with different colouring and edge finishes. You can make any table more elegant by adding a layer of high-quality glass with bevelled or pencil polished edges.

Improve Functionality

Glass table tops can transform your already cozy and inviting living room into a much more comfortable space. Glass protects your furniture’s surface from constant use damage and wear of time. Food stains and liquid spills happen while you are having fun with friends and family or just relaxing on the couch.

The addition of a glass table top means no longer worrying about using coasters for a hot drink and being able to enjoy a meal on your coffee table. UV rays can also be a cause of damage over time. Tinted glass can prevent them from reaching the surface for more extended durability. Glass table tops also offer protection from scratches, allowing your pets to hang out in your living room without causing you a headache. Glass is waterproof, long lasting and easy to maintain.

Achieve the Perfect Fit

Jim’s highly qualified glaziers can create a glass table top to perfectly fit and compliment any piece of furniture in your living room, no matter its shape or size. Jim’s glass specialist provides complimentary measurement and quoting services to create a perfect template for your table.

The Best Glass Table Top

Jim’s Glass is the right choice for the highest quality glass projects. Expert glaziers will craft a beautiful table top for your space offering a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and edge finishes, making your product one of a kind. Glass is custom-cut to meet your exact needs, leaving no room for disappointment.

Jim’s Glass always prioritises your family’s safety. By using high-quality glass that meets Australia’s glass standards, you have nothing to worry about. Our glaziers are fully trained to work with safety glass that can further protect you in case of an accident. Leave your valued possessions in the hands of the experts and trust Jim’s glaziers to renew your favourite furnishings. Call us at 131 546 to book a quote and measuring visit from one of our glass specialists today!