5 of the Best Ways to Use a Table Top from Jim’s in Your Home

How Table Tops Can Make All the Difference:

If your home needs a makeover, why not consider using glass as an accent to your walls and furniture.

Glass table tops are fast becoming one of this year’s most prominent interior design trends, and for a good reason, too! Glass table tops are elegant, stylish and add a wow factor that is hard to be matched by regular wood table tops. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, glass table tops also serve a very practical role in interior design; they protect valuable or antique tables from scratches, spills and other damage.

In this article, we’re going to look at five of the best ways that to use a Jim’s Glass custom-made tabletop in your home.

1. Add light and space

Few things can give a room the feeling of a complete makeover like adding more light to the situation. Traditional wooden tabletops don’t allow light pass through them and so can end up leaving our living spaces feeling smaller than they indeed are. Glass table tops allow light to freely disperse around the room, lending a greater sense of expansion and spaciousness.

2. Highlight your interesting base, chairs and carpet

While wooden table tops are functional, they can often be a bit boring. Using a glass table top allows you to add your touch of personal style by displaying a funky or unique table base or carpet underneath.  With a glass table top, you can let your creativity run wild and create any number of attractive combinations of base, chairs and carpet that will be sure to wow your family and guests. Just remember to ditch the tablecloth, so you don’t end up covering it all up!

3. A unique home office desk

If you work from home, it may be well worth considering investing in a glass table top desk for your office. Glass table top desks add a unique air of sophistication and professionalism to a home office. Additionally, they’re very functional and can be kept neat and tidy looking for far longer than a traditional wooden desk.

4. Protect your cherished table

Sometimes, a table can mean a lot to us; it could be an antique, perhaps it has been in the family for many years, or maybe you want to preserve its original condition. Whatever the reason, a custom-made glass tabletop is an ideal solution to protect against scrapes, scratches, spills and other damage while also displaying the table in all its beauty. You get both the benefits of full functionality and even the peace of mind of having full protection.

5. Add a touch of flair to a DIY woodworking project

If you’ve spent some time working on your creative project, why not add a bit of flair and added protection to your masterpiece. For example, you could add a circular glass tabletop to a half barrel to create an eye-catching side table or re-purpose an old antique Singer sewing machine stand to create a beautiful glass topped hall table.

Ready to Get Your Glass Table Top?

Custom Glass table tops from Jim’s are a unique way of adding elegance, beauty and value to your home or office. You can use our table tops in many ways; to protect your precious table, to add a sense of light and space to your room and to enhance your creative projects to name a few. We offer a complimentary measure and quote service so there is no reason not to contact us today to discuss how a custom glass table top could improve your space today!