Glass Replacement

5 Benefits of Safety Glass

Why Choose Safety Glass?

Glass is a superb material that allows us to create homes and spaces that can be incredible sources of our pride. Think about it, if you want to have a home that is open and bright, incorporating glass in its structure and features is generally the way to do it. However, while glass can create great beauty, when not handled with care, it can cause significant risks and pain.

According to the Australian building standards, only safety glass should be used in all interior areas of the home. What is safety glass? Safety glass is a glass that has been toughened or laminated to prevent shattering when broken. It not only ensures a stronger and safer glazing material but should it break, it is less likely to cause injury.

At Jim’s Glass, we always provide our clients with Australian certified safety glass because we understand the value of putting you and your family’s safety first. If you’re considering getting some new glazier work done, or you’re looking to update your home’s existing glass we have listed our top 5 safety glass benefits below.

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Windows within our homes that do not have specialised safety glass fitted in them tend to be brittle and are prone to breakage. When the glass breaks, the result is long sharp pieces which can cause severe and sometimes fatal personal injuries. Safety glass helps you to eliminate some of these risks. While the glass is still breakable, you’ll find that in the event of a breakage, safety glass shards remain firmly bonded to the interlayer, reducing the likelihood of serious injuries.


Windows can often be the way that many home intruders enter a home; however, safety glass can help prevent their intrusion as the interlayer continues to safeguard your property until your window gets replaced.

Sound Reduction

After a long day at work, you want to come home to a quiet house and unwind from all the constant hustle and bustle of the world outside. When you’re inside your home, it is essential that your space is as peaceful as possible.

Safety glass can help you reduce the noise coming into your home from outside. It can prove to be especially helpful if you reside in a high traffic area such as on a major road, an airport or a school pick-up zone.


One of the most remarkable benefits that come with safety glass is its unmatched durability, especially for homes located in areas that can are subject to strong winds and heavy rains. You’ll find that in even the most erratic weather conditions safety glass will remain either intact or in the event of breakage will not break into dangerous shards.

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