Glass Splashback

5 Benefits of Having A Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen

Why Choose A Glass Splash Back?

A glass splashback is a perfect addition for any kitchen. This simple solution can easily take any space to the next level in terms of beauty and functionality.

Here are five ways your kitchen can benefit from a glass splashback:

Makes Cleaning Easy

Your kitchen is a place where hygiene is essential. Its surfaces are in constant contact with all kinds of organic liquids and solids. Such residues can accumulate in the tiniest of spaces producing smells and providing food for nasty bacteria.

Anything you can do to simplify cleaning in your kitchen will be a massive benefit to your health and schedule. Glass, unlike tiles, has no lines or crevices to trap grease, dirt and food residue.  With a glass splashback, you don’t have to scrub your hands off for great results. Just wipe down and go.

Custom Look

Jim’s glass provides customers with a fully personalised experienced. You glass splashback is custom-sized, precisely measured by our professional glaziers. It will fit your kitchen like a glove! At Jim’s Glass, we provide our customers with complimentary design services, taking into account the unique style and characteristics of your kitchen for the best results. Our glass splashbacks can be created in any colour, as opposed to the limited options available in other kitchen materials, for the ultimate tailored results. Let our trained glass consultant take care of the process.


Glass is a durable material that makes for a worthy investment for your home. Your glass splashback will be completely heat-resistant, making it ideal for the cooking area. Jim’s glaziers work with resistant 6mm glass, compliant with the Australian Standard AS1288/2006. This A-grade glass is designed to last you a lifetime, without scratches or damage. This kind of material allows you to get a lifetime of use out of your glass splashback while also keeping your kitchen looking stylish.

Enhance Your Space

A glass splashback acts as a reflective surface, adding a considerable amount of light into your kitchen. The added depth and bouncing light can make even a small kitchen look bigger, brighter and more luxurious. It’s easy to make your kitchen an inviting, beautiful space with the addition of a glass splashback, without spending a lot. With a nice variety of colours available and our complimentary design service, you can create any look. Best of all the results will be perfect and tailored to your space.

Easy Installation

Jim’s qualified glaziers can get your glass splashback installed in no time. After the initial measurements and design, you’ll be able to enjoy and get full use of your glass splashback in just a few hours of installation. Our state of the art machinery cuts glass in even the most complex shapes to best fit your home, without exception. Our qualified glaziers are equipped to handle the entire process for hassle-free customer experience. The whole process, from design to reality, is a breeze. You can get your new glass splashback installed within 14 days of the date of measure.