5 Advantages Of A New Glass Shower Screen

The Benefits Of Investing In A New Shower Screen

When the time comes to redo an Adelaide bathroom, many homeowners underestimate the impact a new shower screen can make. Not only can a fresh and sleek glass shower screen reinvent your space, but it is also a much safer alternative for you and your family.

Here at Jim’s Glass, we are committed to providing our clients with premium glass shower screens that add a sense of modernity, class and cleanliness to any bathroom. Our expert team of glaziers have years of industry experience and the knowledge required to provide you with the perfect shower screen solution for your Adelaide bathroom.

If you’re renovating your Adelaide home’s bathroom or just looking to give your existing shower a makeover, we have listed our top 5 advantages to investing in a new glass shower screen. Keep reading to find out more:


There’s no doubt about it; glass shower screens are the most attractive no matter which bathroom they’re installed. At Jim’s Glass, we take great pride in our commitment to our customers. We work one on one with our clients to ensure that their new glass shower screen design is one that fits in perfectly with their existing bathroom space.


Here at Jim’s we always work to meet Australian building compliance laws, meaning that all of our glass shower screens are made from Australian compliant safety glass. Safety glass has been toughened or laminated so that there’s is less chance of it splintering when broken, resulting in a much safer and more durable shower screen for you and your family.

Low Maintenance

One of the many dreaded chores that come with living in your own home is the need to clean the bathroom regularly. We understand it can be a messy and unflattering job. But with a glass shower screen, you’ll find that the time you spend cleaning the bathroom gets significantly reduced. Glass shower screens require very minimal maintenance. You’ll notice that if you opt for a frameless shower screen, the lack of metal framing will make it even easier to clean and maintain.


If your home is already lacking a shower screen and you find yourself using a shower curtain, you’ll see that you are creating a distinct barrier which can make your room appear smaller.

Installing a clear shower screen will help your bathroom appear more significant with the transparent unit allowing more light to encompass your space.


At Jim’s Glass, we understand that everyone’s taste in interior design is different. It is why we work one on one with our clients to create custom-tailored glass shower screens that provide our clients with stylish and practical glass shower screens that are perfect for their home’s bathroom.

If you’re looking to invest in a premium glass shower screen installed by first-class glazier professionals, give Jim’s Glass a call today!