Commercial Window Replacement

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Windows

Commerical Window Replacement

When it comes to your Perth business’ commercial windows and shop fronts, many shop owners are unaware that they need to adhere to particular Australian Building standards.

At Jim’s Glass, we understand that running a business is chaotic at times and so you can be forgiven for overlooking the compliance of your commercial windows. It is why we will always aim to provide our clients with a premium commercial window replacement service.

However, it is essential to understand that a commercial window replacement service can do significantly more than look good, it can also help you protect your valuable investment. Keep reading to discover how a commercial window replacement service can help your business in more ways than one and why you should invest in one today!

Your Current Windows Don’t Comply

Many of Perth’s older commercial buildings were constructed long before specific building regulations came into play, and so, the glass is no longer in compliance which can only cause further issues down the line.

If you think your commercial windows are in need of replacement, why not give Jim’s Glass team a call today and let us inspect your commercial windows to develop the ideal commercial window replacement service solution!

Jim’s Glass offers a complimentary inspection service to assess your business and will provide you with a written report. After completing the inspection, arrangements can be made to upgrade any non-compliant glass panels. Upon completion, Jim’s Glass is authorised to issue a certificate of compliance that the glass in your business is compliant with Australian Standards.

At the conclusion of the project, our professional glazier will present you with a certificate of compliance on all works, providing you with peace of mind.

You Want An Updated Look

If you’re after a complete refresh for the exterior of your business, a commercial window replacement can work wonders! At Jim’s Glass, we have state of the art design technology that will allow us to bring your design to life and provide you with a quote that fits within your budget.

Rest assured that no matter what you desire your commercial window replacement to be, we can do it with ease!

Looking For Added Security

If it’s added security you’re after; we’ve got the perfect solution! Our burglar resistant glass options have a more robust inner layer that will protect you against intruders that may try to gain entry with hammers, bricks or axes. How’s that for peace of mind?

If you’re looking for the ultimate commercial window replacement, look no further than Jim’s Glass team. Call today and notice the difference!