24 Hour Emergency Glass Replacement in Melbourne Australia

What could possibly be worse than coming home and finding out that one of the kids has kicked a ball through your window? Well, there are quite a few things that are worse, but it certainly is a very annoying event when something like this does occur. If you need 24 hour emergency glass replacement in Melbourne you are in luck, because Jim’s Glass has a team of highly skilled glaziers that do this type of work every day.

Jim’s Glass specialize in this field but do not only repair glass windows and doors at private residences. They also can fix just about any type of commercial glass in 24 hours or less. However, if a window has a special design feature or is an unusual size, it can take a little bit longer. When the glass cannot be repaired in the same day because it needs to be ordered or custom cut, we will “temporary glaze” the window, which is a solution that makes the glass safe and the premises secure until the specialized glass can be manufactured and fitted.

If you are a homeowner that likes fixing things around your house, repairing a piece of glass that was broken is one of those jobs that is better left up to the experts. Simply put, there are so many things that can and do go wrong when a novice tries to do a repair job like this, that it is simply not worth taking the risk.

The next time you need a 24 hour emergency glass replacement in Melbourne make sure that you call Jim’s Glass, where all work is completed with a lifetime guarantee and in compliance with Australian Standards.  With Jim’s Glass, you can be sure that the job will be done correctly the first time, each and every time.